Parimatch: our detailed review of the bookmaker

When we talk about Parimatch we take into consideration one of the most famous bookmakers in Indonesia if not the most famous of all. We therefore wanted to put our experience on paper since we tried to bet on the site and, for this reason, we are ready to give advice and indications as well. All those who want to choose Parimatch Indonesia as a bookmaker to place bets with will find all the most important details in our review. Here is our Parimatch Review, in which we will talk in depth about how to bet online on Parimatch (playing the famous online Parimatch coupons), open an account, get the welcome bonus and play with the Parimatch card.


As already pointed out, for many people this portal does not need too many presentations, since it is undoubtedly one of the most famous there is, as well as one of the most popular ever. Here, then, that you can start by talking directly about the registration to the site.

Like any online betting portal, Parimatch also requires users to fill in a specific Parimatch login form on the site. Moreover, since it is a legal and safe bookmaker, with an ADM license as required by the legislation in force, Parimatch Indonesia must know its users.

For this reason, at the time of registration you will be asked for both the personal and identification data of the person who is about to access the site, and the data to activate your account. Naturally, in addition to the name, surname and tax code, it is also necessary to send a valid identification document. Although it may seem strange to some, we underline that it is a measure that legal and safe bookmakers take to protect the public of users who find themselves betting on the portal.

Together with the registration, then, the opening of a Parimatch account is required,  which is essential since without it it will not be possible to start betting. In this way, after having also opened the gaming account and made the first deposit, it is possible to start having fun, while remembering that you must always play and bet wisely and not compulsively.


The site is simple to use, right from the Parimatch home, just as is the process for registering and opening a gaming account. It is a portal conveniently divided into sections that allow, in this way, to go immediately to intercept the window in which to enter to access what you want. The portal is quick to load and also well structured: in our experience these have undoubtedly been significant advantages.

Parimatch welcome bonus

One of the most interesting aspects for players is the bonus that the various bookmakers decide to give to those who subscribe to the platform. There are different types of bonuses, but here we will analyze the Parimatch welcome bonus , i.e. the one reserved for new players.

On the official website Parimatch it is clear that you can get a bonus of 305 euros for those who register. We have tried and that is why we can say that the process to be done is quite simple. The first € 5 is earned simply by sending your identity document as requested, while the remaining € 300 is earned in a different way.

Specifically, Parimatch offers new members a bonus of 100% of the amount paid as a first deposit , up to a maximum of € 300. This is called the GOLD bonus and it is good to specify some details.

The aforementioned will be paid out within a maximum of 5 days from the date of the first deposit. To redeem the GOLD bonus you will need to go and play it at least 8 times within 3 months of receiving it.

Other Parimatch bonuses

Each section of the official Parimatch website provides bonuses for players who register for the first time. Furthermore, as often happens, Parimatch has decided to award recognition not only to those who prove to be a regular visitor to the site. For more information on this, we recommend visiting the official Parimatch website in the specific section dedicated to the various bonuses.


Parimatch sports betting

The Parimatch for sports betting is actually very vast. It is, perhaps, one of the most complete from the point of view of the sports present. Yes, because sports bets are not made only on football even if, it should be emphasized, this remains the most popular sport for Indonesian bettors.

In addition to football, there are many other sports. Basketball, volleyball, tennis, motor racing, cycling, beach soccer, baseball, football, badminton, ice hockey, motor racing, cricket, darts, golf and more. There is also the possibility of making sports bets, but not only. In particular, Parimatch offers the possibility to bet on political events, events from the entertainment world and much more.

Live streaming Parimatch

One of the aspects that, during our tests of the various bookmakers we like to underline, is the presence or absence of a live streaming of the events. After all, this is a feature that bettors love a lot and which, therefore, can definitely make a difference when choosing the perfect site on which to place bets.

What did we find out in this case? We also analyzed the Parimatch portal from this point of view, to discover that there is the possibility of streaming events. This is also added to that of making live bets . A real advantage for lovers of real-time betting and adrenaline given by the transmission of events.

Parimath applications

Another aspect analyzed during our experience on Parimatch is that of applications for mobile devices.Today as today, those who love the world of online betting want to have the maximum freedom to be able to use the service when they want.


From this point of view, Parimatch has satisfied all those who have this need, creating various applications. There is a specific Parimatch app , valid for both iOS and Android. To download it, simply scan the QR Code on the home page of the site in question. Also from this point of view, we can say that Parimatch Indonesia has not disappointed the expectations of the players. The Parimatch applications are an excellent alternative to using the Parimatch website for PC, given that from mobile it is thus possible to have a more streamlined and practical user interface.

Parimatch payments and withdrawals

As pointed out, the presence of not many payment and withdrawal methods on Parimatch can be seen as a small point against the bookmaker. However, it must be emphasized that the accepted instruments are among the most widespread and this is, instead, a plus. In this way, Parimatch wanted to help its users, allowing them to use the payment methods in their possession.

After all, nowadays, tools such as Paypal or Postepay are very widespread and it is impossible not to have an account of this type, especially if you love online bets.

Parimatch safety

As regards the safety issue, Parimatch confirms itself as a decidedly very careful portal. To ensure the safety of those who play and bet, by inserting their payment instrument on the site, Parimatch Indonesia has developed some of the encryption technologies to protect everything.