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Promo codes are a special set of characters, the activation of which gives access to certain bonuses or opens up new opportunities on the bookmaker’s website.

A promotional code or bonus code is most often a set of Latin characters and numbers that activates a specific bonus offer. This can be a registration promotion, some kind of incentive for regular customers, compensation for losses, a ticket giving you access to participate in some kind of promotion or competition.

What does a promo code in BK PariMatch give you?

The main function of promo codes is to give the user access to some kind of individual bonus. Different bookmakers use promo codes in different ways, but the main purpose of using a promo code system is to identify a particular user in a programmatic way. When a bookmaker activates a promo code on the official website, the bookmaker identifies the specific user who gets access to certain exclusive products and features.

For bookmakers, the promotional code system is very convenient due to the simple technical implementation of the idea of offering personal promotions to the clients of the betting company. It can be a key for the bettor to access a particular promotion, which can be accessed selectively – at will.

Promo codes are also an effective tool for organising an affiliate programme and a reward system for attracting new customers.  At BK PariMatch, a user can create a personal promo code and promote the BK, receiving rewards for attracting new players. The promo code in this case helps to identify new players as users referred by the owner of that promo code that newcomers enter when registering. Often the means to encourage the use of a bonus code is some sort of extra promotion.

Promo codes BK Parimatch
BK PariMatch – promotion for regular customers

Promo Code Types

There are different types of promo codes.
1. For newbies (at registration) or for regular customers – Beginner bettors register and enter the secret combination in a special field (but the bonus is activated after depositing and verification). The promotion for regular customers includes codes for bets in express or single bets (sports, cybersports, games).

2. As a combination or link – In the first case, a promo code is a combination of letters and numbers that must be entered in the field. In the second case, the bonus is already “saved” in the link. User has to follow the URL and register an account.

3. For betting or opening an account
Promo codes can be awarded for:
– registering the first account and funding the account;
– Participation in prize drawings;
– downloading and installing mobile applications;
– Winning a prediction contest;
– Celebrations (Birthday, anniversary of the BC, New Year).

4. Accrued by the bookmaker or bought for bonus points (points) – Secret combinations can be obtained from the administration or bought in the “Shop”. The conditions depend on the loyalty program of the BK.

5. With or without wagering – As a rule, bonus codes are accompanied by conditions (wager, odds, number of bets and terms). But there are cases when it is not necessary to wager the money you get from the secret combination.

6. Individual and general
Standard Bonus Codes give the same prize to all clients. Exclusive (individual) bonus codes give you bigger payouts and extra benefits. If general promo codes can be found on the Internet or in social networks, the exclusive ones – in your personal cabinet (after communication with technical support).

A promo code for a birthday or holiday – New Year, Easter, Christmas, Valentine’s Day – provides access to some kind of incentive, which most often becomes a free bet. A message about receiving such a code is sent to the user’s email or registered phone number. A promotional code to attract new clients is used by the bookmaker in an affiliate program. A user wishing to attract new clients to the betting shop and receive remuneration for this, creates a personal promo code in the personal cabinet of his account or in a special application for the affiliate program. The bettors attracted by them enter the personal code at the moment of registration, which allows the BK to identify them as attracted players (referrals) of a particular person.

The bookmaker can also use a promo code to register bettors for a promotion. By activating such a code, the user automatically agrees to the terms of the promotion and becomes a participant in it. Each promo code has terms of use, which are described in the rules of the promotion or in the bookmaker’s betting rules.

 BK Parimatch №1
Promo codes BK PariMatch for first-time bettors

How do I get a promo code?

Different bookmakers have their own system for distributing and using promo codes. Promo codes for promotions and various bonus programs are provided by the bookmaker in the promotion terms and promotional material about the promotion itself. Holiday promos come in the form of SMS to the registered phone number. Referral codes can be obtained from people advertising the BK and attracting new clients, as well as from websites, blogs that participate in the affiliate program of the BK.

BK PariMatch has created a whole shop of promo codes. There, for winning in various competitions or received as cashback promo points, the user can receive one of the many promo codes with personal conditions of use – for betting single or express, on football, hockey, basketball or other sport.