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How to bet on sports and where to start? After choosing a bookmaker, you need to register and confirm your identity.


How to register and identify yourself in BK PariMatch

To register on the website or in the download Parimatch app for android, just select this option, specify the phone number and e-mail, and enter the code from the SMS.To place bets, you still need to pass the identification. This is proof of identity required by law. BK PariMatch should check your age and make sure that this is your first account with this company. You can become a BC client from the age of 18.
Each field of activity has its own rules. Their knowledge and compliance allow the player to bet with great comfort and feel protected. If you ignore the rules of sports betting, it can turn into unpleasant consequences. When a player knows the rules of betting, he warns himself against misunderstandings and minimizes possible conflicts with the betting company.

The rules can be divided into generally accepted and basic ones

Generally accepted rules for accepting bets

You can only bet on events that are in the bookmaker’s line. The coefficient on which the bet is placed remains unchanged in the coupon, even if it increases or decreases in the future. Valid deals are made before the start of matches (except for live betting). A bet cannot be canceled at the client’s request. The reason for cancellation may be some points of the rules of the office, for example, the return of a bet with a coefficient of 1, or its cancellation in case of a suspicious nature of a sporting event. Rates are calculated according to official sources of information, which are specified in the rules of the office. These are the websites of sports federations, unions, and international organizations.

Rules of betting

Basic betting rules

1.Citizens who have reached the age of majority can place bets.
2. Re-registration is prohibited – it is allowed to open only one account in the BC.
3. When going through the Parimatch registration procedure, you should provide reliable information.
4. The opportunity to make a bet appears after passing the identification procedure (confirmation of identity). To do this, you need to visit the office’s branch in person, or pass verification, for example, via Skype (not all bookmakers have this opportunity).
5. Pay special attention to payment systems. Usually, the withdrawal is available on those wallets and bank cards from which the deposit was made.
6. When withdrawing, the tax is deducted in%, although someone deducts the tax from the winnings earlier, even if you did not order the withdrawal.
7. Refusal to accept bets to any user without explanation. Refusal to accept bets on different markets of the same event.
8. Cancellation of the bet in case of errors, bugs and system failures at the bookmaker. The bet money is returned to the balance – this is called a refund when the bet is calculated with a coefficient of 1.
9. Cancellation of the bet if it is suspected that the player has made a bet on a pre-known outcome. This can also be attributed to the cancellation of bets and blocking of the account, if the client uses deceptive ways to beat the bookmaker, for example, “forks”.

If a certain point of the rules does not suit, the player has the right to refuse to play in the office, but the problem here is the following – almost all offices have such rules

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How to bet on sports

can bet on sports online from your computer, laptop, smartphone and tablet. If you want to make a bet before the event starts, go to the Line section. For fans of betting already in the course of the match, there is a Live section.
BK PariMatch has a Cashout option – selling bets. This function can be useful in different circumstances.

For example, you bet on the hosts, they are 0:2 behind, and there is almost no chance of winning. Selling the bet will reduce losses. Imagine that you bet on a draw, on the scoreboard 1: 1, it is the 85th minute, both teams play to win. When you sell a bet, you will make a profit and avoid the hassle. Also, Cashout is useful if you placed a bet accidentally.

What do beginners in sports betting need to know

Bookmakers have three types of odds: American, British and European. Bet on one event – an ordinary. Another popular bet type is express. In this case, you combine selections for multiple matches. The coefficients of the taken outcomes are multiplied, which increases the potential profit. But the risk also increases: one failure leads to the loss of the entire express.
Let’s form the main rules for beginners in sports betting:

  1. Follow the game bank. This amount should not be significant for your budget. On one bet put no more than two percent of the allocated funds. If you have five consecutive failures, take a break for a couple of weeks.
  2. Analyze the details. Choose one competition and study the information about its participants. Keep up to date with news, lineups, injuries and motivation of athletes. This will increase the chances of winning.
  3. Discard the excess. Paid forecasts, subscriptions, account promotion and other tempting offers are tools of scammers. The best choice is your own.
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