Tennis bets is one of the most popular trends in the world of betting Parimatch.

Tennis bets is one of the most popular trends in the world of betting Parimatch. A huge number of people win large sums betting on tennis oppositions. Keep in mind, if you suddenly gathered to bet on doubles tennis, remember – this direction is quite seriously different from the classic singles. The point is in the principle of the construction of the game. Plus, the analysis here is performed completely differently. Still, you need to track the state of 4 athletes at once, not 2. Further in this article the main features that relate to betting on doubles tennis will be given.


The main criterion is chemistry

To understand how strong this or that pair is, it is necessary to pay attention to how many matches these athletes have spent together. This is a team sport, where chemistry is crucial. As practice shows, the most successful pairs in doubles tennis betting are those that play with the same partner for more than one or even two years. As a rule in such pairs changes can happen only if one of the sportsmen drops out for a certain period of time because of health problems. The most prominent example is the sisters Serena and Venus Williams. At all the doubles tournaments they went out to play doubles, and were successful. For example, they have won the Olympics three times playing doubles. They also have 14 Grand Slam Tournament finals wins. Even if you haven’t had a chance to track a couple’s performance history, just watch a few of their games. If the partners are unplayed, it will immediately catch your eye. In that case, there will be a lack of clarity in their actions. On the men’s grid, an example of a top team is the Bryan brothers.

A strong greenhouse can be weak in singles

It often happens that two of the highest level tennis players play in doubles, and the odds on them immediately drop to the bare minimum. That doesn’t mean they will win. Very often the stars treat doubles tournaments very mediocre, which the bettor can take advantage of. Often the opposite also happens – a strong doubles doubles player is a mediocre performer. For example, the legendary Bryan brothers, who were the real TOPs in doubles competitions, but in singles they didn’t even perform. Before making any bet on doubles tennis, be sure to study the balance of power. Especially, it is important in the case, if previously you watched only singles tournaments. It is extremely rare that a player is a good doubles and singles player.

Controlling the match schedule is a must

Some singles players do not play doubles on principle. Others, in order to sharpen their skills in doubles, purposely enter different tournaments, although they drop out in the opening rounds. There are singles players in the tennis world who just enter doubles tournaments to develop their general skills.

There are also those tennis players who try to be successful in two tournaments at once. As a rule, if an athlete is competitive in both divisions, his schedule is very busy. Definitely, sooner or later, the large number of games played will affect his results. At one point, he will simply start losing to technically weaker, but physically stronger athletes. All bettors should remember that if a player has played many matches in different events over the last few months, he will start to lose ground very soon. This is one of the most working strategies of those people who are professionally involved in betting Parimatch on this sport.

The psychology of the athlete plays an important role

One of the biggest differences between classic tennis and doubles is that both athletes need to be mentally stable. Bettors keep a very close eye on who in the pair is mentally weaker. As a result, there is an opportunity to bet, for example, that this particular person will lose more serves, because he simply cannot react calmly to setbacks. It seems to be a trifle, but it is from such trifles and add up bets on doubles tennis.

If you notice that both athletes are leaders by nature, but do not find common ground on the court, trying to look better than each other, you can safely bet against them. As a rule, the initial outsiders, will take a few games away from them. If the star performers don’t start thinking about the team and not their personal stats in time, they could well be defeated.

What matters is the format of the tournament

Most doubles tournaments are played in such a way that the third set is played as a super tiebreaker (whoever scores 10 points first). But when it comes to certain Grand Slam tournaments, the format will change. At Wimbledon, pairs of men participate in matches and five sets, and at the U.S. Open Cup – three sets. But there are no super tiebreaks. The final set is played according to the classic scheme. Knowing what format the tournament will be played in, I ask you to decide on the type of tennis betting. But it will be even easier if the bettor on Parimatch takes into account all the nuances given above.


What exactly to bet on?

In every sport and in every situation there are exceptions, but in doubles tennis, as well as everywhere else, there are regularities and current trends:

  • Total games over (9.5) in a set.

It is best to choose the second set. If players with good serve and excellent net play meet and there was a tie-break in the first game and neither side had a chance to break, a TM (9.5) in the second set is a good bet.

  • A 2-0 win for the favorite.

An obvious choice. Sensations don’t happen very often. If the pair is played and it seeks to take a trophy at a prestigious competition, an inexperienced outsider is unlikely to take even one game. As a rule, the favorite wins in 2 sets.

  • A tie-break is a yes.

Such a market in the bookmaker’s office Parimatch is suitable when two played sides with strong serve come to the court. The chances of winning will increase if it is a TMS, where the maximum possible is not 3 sets, but 5. In most cases, all of the above outcomes are best applied to men’s doubles tennis bets. There are many sensations and unpredictable outcomes in the women’s net. Below is an example where there is a tie-break, but the second game total is not broken.